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How Speaker Replay Works Speaker Replay is designed to distribute great audio recorded at live events

Are you a speaker?
This site has been created for you, the public speaker, who wants to begin selling live event recordings on site and after your speaking engagement has concluded.

With Speaker Replay audiences can pre-purchase recordings from any internet connected device, before the recordings are complete. After creating an account with Speaker Replay, you can create Pre-Sale talks for upcoming events or upload past talks for immediate distribution. After you have uploaded the talk to the system, anyone who purchased your talk is notified that the talk is now available.

Users can also choose to share a copy of the talk with a friend. During the purchase process, Speaker Replay asks the customer whether or not they would like to purchase a copy of the talk to share with their friends/or family. To encourage customers to take advantage of this feature, shared copies of the talks are available at a discounted rate. After the transaction has been completed, these “shared” copies of the talk can be shared via email or text message by sending a unique link to the recipient.

We help you create the ability for your message to be heard by as many people as possible. In addition to giving users access to talks before they are available, all of your talks are available until you remove them from the site. These talks continue to show up in user searches and create opportunity for you to expand the number of folks who benefit from your message.

Are you a Catholic speaker? Start uploading your talks and selling them today. Click here to create an account and get started uploading your talks.

Do you want to listen and share audio content from great catholic speakers?
Find your favorite Catholic speaker and all of his or her best talks. Purchase them on SpeakerReplay.com and listen to them anytime, anywhere. If you really like the talk or know someone who would benefit from the message, purchase additional copies of those talks at a reduced price to share with others.

Are you a Conference Organizer?
Event organizers can contact Jesse Ray at 248-987-8844 or Jesse@CatholicSpeakers.com to get more information about how to sell all of the talks at your conference as a bundle through our service.