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What is the difference between full price and share price?

If you want to purchase a talk, you will pay the full price for the talk. You will also have the option to buy additional copies of the talk that you can share with others. These additional copies are available at the share price. For example, if you see a talk with a full price of $6.99 and a share prices of $2.99, it will cost you $6.99 to buy the talk for yourself and an additional $2.99 for each copy of the talk you wish to buy for others.

How does sharing a talk or conference work?

When you buy shares for a talk, you have the ability to share those talks with others in a variety of ways. You can send the link via email or text for friends to claim. Alternately, you can post a link to a social media site for any of your followers to claim. Shares are claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you purchased 10 shares of a talk, then the first 10 people who follow your unique share link for that talk will be able to add it to their account to listen to anytime.

Can a share be transferred to another user after it has already been claimed by someone?

No. Once a share that you purchase has been claimed by someone, it cannot be retrieved or transferred.

Can I purchase additional shares for a talk that I've already purchased?

No. For now, your only opportunity to purchase shares for a talk or conference is at the time that you purchase the talk or conference. More shares cannot be purchased later. However, this is a feature that we are investigating for a future update.

I bought a conference with multiple shares. Can I share just a single talk from that conference with a friend?

No. The only way to share a complete conference which you have purchased is to share the full conference.